Mercury Retrograde Set
Mercury Retrograde Set

Mercury Retrograde Set

$ 22.00
Mercury RX is gets a bad rep.

Yes it’s spinning backwards and sometimes things go wonky.

It’s easy to just blame everything on this beautiful planet during retrograde.

Instead of reacting and perceiving negative events happening during this time, change your thoughts and approach when this even rolls around.

Did you know if you start a project or adventure right before retrograde it will be amplified and fast tracked?

Yes!!! Mercury RX will allow you to quantum shift to your goals.
If you are born in retrograde, it’s also a lucky time for you!
To help you get into a divine flow during retrograde, here are some magical crystals to attune your energy to ease and grace.
Smoky Quartz for good luck, safety and protection. 
Fluorite for peace and harmony.
Kyanite for building communication bridges. 
Grab this Mercury Retrograde set for high vibes during this magical time!

Dimensions: One each of Smoky Quartz, Fluorite and Kyanite intuitively selected for you.