Aura Unicorn Crystal Set
Aura Unicorn Crystal Set

Aura Unicorn Crystal Set

$ 22.00
A special rainbow blend of Unicorn crystals from the stars. 

These three sparkly gems are here to amplify your magic, inner power, and healing from the galaxies.

Allow the Amethyst Aura to gently activate your third eye and connect you to your intuition + higher self.

The Rose Quartz Aura will open up the unconditional love energies of the heart center and heal past experiences and attract positive opportunities.

And gorgeous Opal Aura will cleanse your auric field and balance the energies in your chakras so that you can shine as your best Unicorn Self.

Use this set of Unicorn light infused crystals in your intentions, rituals, or spells to manifest joy, happiness, and success.

Crystal Description: One tumbled Amethyst, Rose Quartz Aura and Opal Aura*
*Does not include ceramic bowl