Crystal Descriptions

Use this stone for harmonizing thoughts and bringing bright ideas and positive thoughts into your life. It can help improve concentration and enhance analytical abilities. It is a stone for soothing and calming anger, anxiety, and overwhelm. 
It is also one of the most powerful luck stones out there.
Amethyst is the queen of crystals. Can be used for almost anything. It is incredibly protective, healing, and calming. Use it to help you go to sleep or get rid of headaches. This crystal can activate your third eye and intuition. Power up your psychic abilities with this stone.
The stone of truth, harmony, peace, and communications. It also works with the heart chakra and can fill the space with blissful calming energy. It also encourages love, expressing your truth, and inspiration. You can also use this stone to manifest your biggest dreams and desires.
Angel Aura Quartz
This ethereal crystal connects you to the energies of the angelic realm. You can also tap into peace and love to alchemize negative emotions to positive ones. It is a powerful healing stone that can balance and cleansed your auric field. This beautiful gem can bring a sense of happiness and bliss into your life.
If you have feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, or stress, keep this stone by you. It will connect you to the angels and bring a peaceful calm energy into your life. You can also use this crystal to help you sleep. It is a very spiritual crystal and can help guide you on your magical journey to ascension.
Being a deeply energetically rooted crystal, this stone is also known as the Earth Goddess. It helps you ground your energy and supports you in receiving stress and anger. Use this crystal to solve problems and to come up with a clear solution. It also helps break the habit of procrastination and boost self confidence.


If you need some good luck then I would click the purchase button now and put this abundance crystal in your cart. Also known as the gamblers Stone, Aventurine can encourage positive opportunities to flow your way. Carrying this stone while having positive thoughts can open you to beautiful bountiful blessings! 

Black Tourmaline
“Stone of Purification"
Say goodbye to static and stale energy! It is used to repel negative vibes. Use this crystal to ground if you feel disconnected from the present, always a good gem to have after a spiritual journey. Place them near your doors and windows for protection against muggles that you don’t want to invite into your home. 

Blue Calcite
This amazing stone soothes and relaxes the emotional body and offers protection in the auric field. It is the perfect stone to have around agitated kids or pets, naturally calming everyone in the room. It is a very gentle crystal to work with, great for beginners.
"Angel Stone"
The angelic frequencies and codes are carried along in this stone. If you like to connect to the celestial realms then this crystal will help you to have easy access. You can also put it in the living room or children’s room to promote peace. It also have worked with animals bringing more calm to the room.
The money stone is what we like to call this crystal. It brings prosperity, wealth, and luck into your life. If you want more clients or money, this is the crystal to have. Real citrine are light yellow and see through, the fake ones are burnt orange and yellow. Citrine also brings joy and positive energy into your life and can help with getting in speed up your metabolism.
This crystal associates with the energies of intuition, patience, unconditional love, and tranquility. It is a powerful healing stone and also opens communications with others. This crystal can activate your third eye and open psychic vision. It connects with the heart and throat chakra and can help you heal heartache and draw out guilt.
Desert Rose
Use this crystal to help you get to a deeper level of meditation and to stay grounded and balanced. It can activate the root and sacral chakra and assist in self expression and manifestation. You can also use this crystal to have mental clarity and focus.
A very unusual stone, Devalite is a mix of Serpentine and Augite crystal together naturally. This stone was named for the connection to the deva spirits of nature. It can harmonize distortions in the body and promotes enthusiasm for life, kindness, and truthfulness. It can help you tap into natural abundant energies like the frequency of nature.
This crystal has been known to represent truth and love. It is the gemstone of the goddess Venus and is a powerful wealth and prosperity crystal. It is also the stone of intuition and the future. The green color invokes the energy of new beginnings and rebirth. It can help you become a beautiful and powerful speaker.

If you don’t like crowds, having a garnet on you in a place with a lot of people can set up an energetic boundary and repel others from coming into your space. It is also the crystal for the heart and root chakra. When working with the garnet you can activate the energies of passion, creativity, and strength.

“The Genius Stone”
This beautiful multi colored crystal can stimulate brain functions and promote mental clarity. Expands the mind and creates more spiritual and psychic awareness. Perfect to have with you for intuitive readings. If you are learning something new or studying for a test and need some help then grab a fluorite for some mind magic. 

“Grounding Stone”
Hematite is connected to the root chakra and can help you feel safe, grounded, and supported. Having a solid foundation for your business or your life is essential to success. Carry this crystal with you for protection from external energies that does not serve you. Works great when traveling, snagging you a seat next to someone quiet and calm on the plane. 

"Supreme Nurturer"
To banish stress and come back to feeling whole and supported carry Jasper with you. It is a powerful protection stone from low vibe energy and can help you stay balanced. If you know you are going out to a crowded place, grab a jasper and stick it in your pocket. 
A throat chakra crystal, kyanite encourages you to speak your truth and opens everyone up to clear communications and self express. It can help you get over doubts and fears and helps you clear blockages. Helps with public speaking, especially if you are a performer or maybe going for a job interview.

“Stone of Transformation”
A magical shiny crystal that unlocks your inner power and brings it up to the surface. It will enhance your intuition and connects you to your soul's purpose. It can also inspire you artistically and help you tap into your creative genius. When you work with this crystal, get ready to level up into the next version of your magical self.

Lapis Lazuli
Known as the stone of truth and friendship. This crystal can also help you embody the energy of harmony, love, and protection. You can use this stone to help you have mental clarity and awareness to make good judgements that can deepen your relationships. It is also the Wisdom stone and helps you speak from your inner truth.
Lavender Quartz
A beautiful stone representing love, joy, and powerful healing. It is a type of rose quartz and can help with bringing more happiness and positivity to your life. It is a potent crystal to help you stabilize and strengthen the heart and the brain, which is powerful when synced together.
Lemurian Quartz
"Stone of Galactic Wisdom" 
Lemurians are your ancient ancestors from the stars. They hold the cosmic knowledge of the Universe. This crystal can activate your light codes and help you connect deeper with your spirituality and manifest your dreams. If you are a Starseed, you will find a deep magical calling in this stone. 

A crystal with deep connections to the moon, you will find a very feminine divine energy when working with this stone. It signifies relaxation, love, and fertility. It will help you unlock your magic and intuitive powers and reveal what has been hidden from you. If you are looking to enhance inspiration, success, and good fortunes this is the perfect stone for you.

The green of this stone represents healing, wealth, luck, and bliss. It is also the stone of compassion that can alchemize anger. Sleeping with a peridot can protect you from nightmares. If you are looking to be inspired by creativity, then this is the crystal for you.

“Fool’s Gold”
Pyrite can be mistaken for real gold because of the luminous sparkle of this crystal. Luckily, the energy and magic that this crystal exudes is still of abundance and wealth. Place these crystals in your office or some place where you #makethemoney. Hold your crystal and ask for divine money to flow your way. One of the most popular prosperity crystals for your money altar. 

Also known as the master healer crystal, this is a potent gem for deep healing. Quartz is also known as an amplifier when working with other energies. Use this stone to substitute any other crystals for your spells and rituals. It has amazing high vibrations and is great for beginner crystal enchanters.

Rainbow Moonstone
This beautiful crystal is connected to the lunar and powerful psychic energies. Bringing a soft healing energy into your life. It is used to activate the frequencies of harmony, peace, and compassion. Also may enhance creativity, and self confidence.

Red Calcite
A powerful grounding root chakra stone, red calcite can help you pull in your energies into your body to become a more powerful manifestor. It can also be used to activate energies related to fire like confidence, creativity, and motivation.

This lovely pink gem is known as the stone of the compassionate heart. Perfect for healing hearts and providing better heart connections with your significant others, family, or friends. If you want to experience the energy of selfless unconditional love, then meditate with this crystal.

It has become popular these last few years because of it’s magical ability to shield against EMF (Electromagnetic field) emissions. You can carry it in your bag or put it by your electronics like your computer. This crystal can also help you release stress and is great for reducing inflammation.

Smoky Quartz
The Wish Stone is another name for this crystal because you can use it to manifest your personal and business intentions. It is a very powerful crystal that can bring your dreams into reality. Smokys are also very grounding and centering and works with your root chakra to ground your wishes into reality.

Spirit Quartz

“Harmony Stone”
Many little points of the Spirit quartz makes up a large point and gathers in harmony to create a powerful and radiant energy. For aura, chakra, and energy healing ask this crystal for assistance. The beautiful high vibrations of this crystal can help you connect to your guides and the Universe. 

A fun crystal, also known as the stone of joy. It brings bright light happiness energy into your life. It will inspire leadership and plenty of blessings to the person carrying the stone. It is also related to your solar plexus which represents your power, the I AM. So if you are looking for more confidence and being seen, then carry this gem with you.

Zebra Onyx
This crystal is all about diving deep into meditation, shifts, and internal work. It can help you change the inner parts of you that you desire to shift into energies that can help you manifest your dreams. It also has a powerful vibration of protection, strength, and focus.